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Publié le 22/08/2023 et écrit par Vincent Finance, dans la catégorie : #actualités

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This article is an important announcement regarding the Automario platform : it is the translation of the original French article for our English-speaking users. It is recommended to read it.


Automario's platform has been in development since 2018, and it's currently offering multiple services that have been developed according to my own needs. I wanted to open them to the public, so they could help you as much as they helped me.
However, after many years of activity, I've come to these conclusions :

For these reasons, I decided to transform Automario and change a lot of things. My goals are to provide better service quality and a better user experience without affecting the platform's future functionality.

Here is a small summary of these changes:

Shutdown of some services

As explained in several e-mails (in French), the Nextcloud service will definitely shut down on September 10, 2023, so you can have time to migrate to another hosting service. I invite you to look for an alternative hosting service. You can use the CHATONS website for example.

The passwords' storage service will stop in November 2023, and a migration procedure will be available soon (in French) to show you how to export your passwords. I also invite you to look for an alternative.

Pad.automario.eu will be stopped at the end of September 2023. Since there is no account on it, I invite you to get your data before the closing. There will be no backup of the data present on this website.

Despite still being in testing, the XMPP server will also be closed shortly. I'm not able to maintain it publicly, and I prefer to definitely cut it.

Support for unbon.cafe

Unbon.cafe will not be impacted and will remain unchanged. This instance will be the center of the new platform I'm working on, and mail service will be the main service of this project. The mail hosting service and the gemini capsules' hosting service will be maintained as usual.

Support for the mail service of Automario

The mail service of Automario will be maintained as usual, but the creation of new @automario.eu addresses won't be possible anymore. The new addresses will be on the @unbon.cafe domain.

I'm thanking you in advance for your understanding and for your trust.

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